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Having a visual impairment, no matter how severe, can be a real pain. Until fairly recently, the only way to continue doing things with impaired vision was to get some spectacles or to get assistance from someone who is fully sighted. Unfortunately, these methods are not always a suitable option. For some people, specs just dont help and these are many reasons why you might not want to ask for sighted assistance e.g. privacy, availability .

There are many companies who make specialist tech for the visually impaired. Due to the limited market that these devices appeal to, the cost of these specialist technologies put them out or reach for most or the people who whould benefit from them. They usually target a very specific activity and even if the price didn’t put you off, you would probably need a barrow to carry all of the devices that you might need each day.

During the last ten years, there has been a huge growth in mobile phones and related technologies. Fortunately, the latest smartphones are small and light. They are also used by the wider population so prices are withn the range of most people. The new breed of personal, mobile devices contain many functions that can change the lives of those who are affected by a loss of vision.

Most new smartphones provide options that allow them to be operated by people with varying degrees of disability. Screens can be zoomed for those who have some sight bet who struggle with small text. For those with a greater level of vision loss, the devices can “speak” whatever is displayed on the screen. Most manufacturers provide accessibility ffeatures that allow people to use their phones irrespective of thier disabilities.

Smartphones can really enhance the lives of blind people, not just because they can be operated without sight, but by using a number of other features such as a camera, GPS (maps and location services), speech input (instesd of typing), voice recording etc.




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